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活動說明 Prize Drawing Rules


The Q2 Winner: marty*******@outlook.com
The Q1 Winner: sold***@*******.dk

-活動期間:2016/02/01 - 2016/12/31
-活動辦法:1. 抽獎日期與獎品公布於固緯官網。
  2. 固緯會員皆可參加抽獎。
  3. 固緯電子有權利變更獎品內容,獎品不得折換現金,亦不得將得獎資格轉讓予他人。
  4. 獲獎人提供可寄送之姓名、地址、電話以完成相關領獎作業,未回覆者視為棄權。
-Prize drawing period: Feb 1, 2016 to Dec 31st 2016
-Purpose: Become a GW Instek Member Now to Enjoy Benefits! In addition to participating in prize-drawing activities, members will receive information, including latest applied technology information, latest product information, and the latest software version, etc.
-Rules1. Prize drawing date and prize will be announced on GW Instek Web Site.
  2. GW Instek members are eligible to participate in the prize drawing event.
  3. GW Instek reserves the right to alter the content of the prize. Prize can not be either converted for cash or transferred to a third party.
  4. Prize-winner must provide valid name, mailing address and phone number for prize delivery to avoid disqualification.
-Participants are subject to abide by the rule of the prize drawing event. GW Instek reserves the right to cancel, terminate, amend or postpone this event.
-This is a worldwide prize drawing event. GW Instek will be responsible for all postage required to ship prizes. Winners will not pay for any postage.
-GW Instek employees and distributors are excluded from participating in this event.