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GW Instek launches new MSO-2000, a mixed-signal oscilloscope.

MSO-2000, a mixed-signal oscilloscope, is developed from the high performance software and hardware platforms of GDS-2000E, which boasts the superb functions including the highest waveform update rate of 120,000 wfm/s in the same class and 10M memory depth per channel to allow users to completely retrieve and analyze waveforms. . The series includes MSO-2000E and MSO-2000EA. MSO-2000E has a built-in 16-channel logic analyzer and MSO-2000EA has a built-in 16-channel logic analyzer and a dual channel 25MHz arbitrary waveform generator.

For MSO-2000E, its 16-channel logic analyzer has the memory depth of 10Mpts per channel, which can retrieve more and longer digital signals as well as clearly display digital signals to obtain sufficient information for analysis. The standard bus trigger and decoding functions include I2C, SPI, UART (RS232/422/485) and CAN/LIN bus for automotive communications. Serial bus waveforms can be triggered and decoded in real time. Via the waveform search function, the desired signals can be identified for analysis and debugging. The feature of converting digital signals into analog signals allows MSO-2000 to observe analog waveforms and abnormal digital signals simultaneously so as to clearly differentiate the cause of abnormal signals. The digital channel of MSO-2000E features high signal sensitivity, long record length and high sample rate. The minimum input swing of logic analyzer represents the minimum operating voltage of ±250 mV, which demonstrates that digital channels are highly sensitive with respect to input. MSO-2000E offers complete analysis and debugging capabilities with the economical pricing. 

More details, please follow MSO-2000 Series product page.