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Website Redesign Announcement
In order to let everyone have a better understanding on our products and access needed information more easily, GW Instek will be launching our newly redesigned website in a few days. Please check out the layout of the new website athttp://www.gwinstek.com/NewPreView.html, and feel free to give us your valuable feedbacks.


The main changes between previous and redesigned websites are as below:

1. Product Category: We will make some changes to previous product categories, which allows users more easily to find the right GW Instek product they need. Meanwhile, general catalog will also be updated with new categories starting from 2015.
Previous categoriesNew categories


2. Product video: GW Instek has been progressively uploading various kinds of feature and application videos for digital storage oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, function generator, and etc. to Youtube. All those videos will be organized in newly-created video section on the redesigned website.

3. Member registration: In the redesigned website, email address will be used as username while registering and logging in. We will transfer previous member information to the redesigned website, and send out registration details through email for further verification soon.