Discontinued Products

Some of our products have been phased out. We will continue to keep these old product documents updated.

If you are still interested in some of these discontinued products, please find the corresponding replacement models below. Thanks for your understanding.

  • AC power supply(Power Supplies
  • 5.7”large LCD display
  • Various output modes and measurement functions
  • AC-superimposed DC output
  • Capacitor input load supported
  • Sequence function
  • Limiter function
  • 30 Sets of SAVE / RECALL memories
  • USB(USBTMC)standard for remote control
  • Output On/Off Function
  • AC power supply
  • Sequence function to do high Efficient load simulations
  • Flexible configuration with mainframes and plug-in modules
  • Multiple independent load inputs up to 8 channels in a mainframe
  • Parallel connection of inputs for increased load capacity
  • Parallel connection of inputs for static and dynamic tests
  • Multiple channels run for dynamic tests under one clock control
  • Maximum rated power for low range high resolution CC tests
  • Von setting and Von on/off for start-up Von tests
  • Program mode to create work routines for repetitive tests
  • OPP/OCP/OVP/OTP protections
  • External channel control/monitoring via an analog control connector
  • Multi-Interface USB Device / Host, RS-232C, and GPIB (Optional)
  • Multi-mainframe link up to 5 mainframes in a system